Personal Leadership
Developing Your Inner Core

3c8b3e4What You Will Learn:

Part I: How to be True to Yourself

Operate with a natural force of character, anchored in your true self

  • The barriers that limit us from operating authentically
  • 5-stage path to authenticity in life and leadership
  • How to cultivate self-confidence from the inside-out
  • Inner vs. outer scorecard in life and leadership; the winning scorecard

Part II: Goals, Values, and Purpose

Establish an inner polestar for life and leadership

  • Powerful – and surprising – scientific findings on our pursuit of happiness
  • How to define your values and close the gap between your values and your behavior
  • 6 stages in pursuing purpose
  • 10 principles for a purpose-driven life
  • Reflections to help you define your purpose

Part III: Self-Realization

Cultivate inner strength, focus and clarity – and realize who you truly are

  • How social stereotypes affect your self-identity – and how your self-identity influences your performance
  • How to redefine your self-identity to maximize your potential
  • The benefits – and costs – of high self esteem
  • The winning path to self-esteem
  • Scientifically validated benefits of meditation
  • Why meditation is critical to a leader’s arsenal
  • Building a personal meditation practice

Personal Leadership
Leading Change

What You Will Learn:

  • Mindsets and behaviors that restrict people from changing their behavior.
  • 5 Building Blocks for changing yourself and changing others.
  • How to create a Behavior Change Plan for yourself.
  • Best practices on how to maximize your impact in changing others mindsets and behavior.
  • Real-world case involving the turnaround of an organization at a critical moment in history.
  • How great leaders have changed themselves, and changed others.
  • How to create a Behavior Change Plan for the people whose behavior you want to change.


Personal Leadership
Developing People from the Inside Out

What You Will Learn:

  • Re-script mindsets that limit you from developing your people.
  • 5 Feedback Principles.
  • Guidance on the right time to offer feedback.
  • How to create a feedback-friendly culture.
  • I2P2 framework for planning and executing a constructive feedback dialog.
  • 6 Coaching Principles.
  • Techniques to improve your coaching impact.
  • GUIDE framework to plan and execute a successful coaching session.


Personal Leadership
Driving Strategic Impact

You Will Learn How To:leadership-from-within

  • Get client / organizational support for strategic initiatives.
  • Concretely define the scope of a strategy project.
  • Develop a well-structured strategic problem-solving roadmap.
  • Align with key stakeholders.
  • Rapidly move to the core issues to focus your problem-solving effort.
  • Efficiently gather the right information to build a relevant fact base.
  • Extract information from internal and external sources.
  • Synthesize data to drive key conclusions.
  • Develop high-impact recommendations.
  • Put your new learnings into practice on real-life strategy cases.
  • Manage strategy projects for maximum impact.
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